What's a Helikite?

The names Helikite and Helikites, are Allsopp's Registered Trade Marks relating to a new type of kite-style aerostat designed and patented by Sandy Allsopp in England.

The name Helikite relates to a combination of a helium balloon and a kite to form a single, aerodynamically sound tethered aircraft, that exploits both wind and helium for its lift. The balloon is generally oblate-spheroid in shape although this is not essential.

Helikites are probably the most popular all-weather, high-altitude, aerostat design in the world. Thousands are operated worldwide, flown over both land and sea.

In all comparative military and civilian trials, Helikites, out-performed all other designs of aerostats for stability in wind, altitude and payload. As a result, Helikites are in use with numerous civilian, research and military organisations worldwide.