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Skylaunch Evolution Electric

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Skylaunch has developed its electric winch in collaboration with a group of pilots, winch operators, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, electronic engineers and operators of existing electric launch winches. It meets the same high requirements as Skylaunch launch winches with combustion engines, especially with regard to operation, towing characteristics and safety. In addition, the Skylaunch electric winch is less cumbersome, is less prone to failure and less maintenance-intensive than the previously known mobile electric winches. The Skylaunch Electro electric drive has the following design features and operational characteristics:

Powerful, compact asynchronous motor

  • A speed sensor and a very low mass moment of inertia ensure vibration-free and quickly responding torque and rope force control with a constantly small deviation
  • Maximum utilization of the rope force without overloading the predetermined breaking points
  • Hardly any drop in rope strength, even at high rope speeds, in order to enable a safe transition to climbing and safe launches even with a tailwind component
  • Reduced mass on trucks and soft floors, can be mounted on car trailers
AGM batteries as a performance buffer

  • High charging and discharging currents, even at high or low temperatures
  • Compact dimensions
  • Greatly reduced weight
  • Higher wind mobility
  • More operating days, as the winch can also be used on softer ground
  • Replacing the batteries less cumbersome
  • 50 - 100% longer service life than standard starter batteries
  • Absolutely maintenance-free
  • Sealed, no level checks and no refilling necessary
  • Very low self-discharge, therefore no recharging required during the winter break
  • Increased security
  • No release of acid or oxyhydrogen
  • Connections covered with protection against accidental contact
Frequency converter


  • Commercial type from large series production
  • Tested, conforming to standards and quality assured
  • Worldwide dealer and service network for all components
  • Controlled automatic braking of the cable drum when the minimum tension is not reached
Proven operating elements and aids for the winch driver

  • Handy hand-operated throttle
  • Hand rest and damper to avoid cavalier starts
  • Automatic reset when released
  • Spring-loaded stop
  • Pre-selection of aircraft type and headwind component
Additional advantages of an electric drive:

  • Less vibration and noise emissions
  • Lower fatigue effects in the winch driver, especially with high numbers of starts and long services
  • Less groundwater-polluting and flammable operating liquids as a result of a lack of fuel, engine and hydraulic oils and coolants
  • No emission of exhaust gases at the place of use
  • No odor nuisance and respiratory strain
  • Use of low-emission power plants or alternative energy sources possible
  • Simplified operation
  • Warm-up phase is omitted
  • The drive regulates the rope force automatically, without the winch driver having to correct the height and the wind, for example
  • No storage facilities for fuel required
  • The refueling process and the handling of flammable and explosive substances are no longer necessary
  • Low maintenance of an asynchronous electric motor
  • There is no need to change engine and hydraulic oils or coolant
  • No typical wearing parts required
  • On the motor side, only the two motor bearings need to be relubricated annually using a grease gun
  • Reduced operating costs due to lower energy prices
The Skylaunch electric drive is available with all Skylaunch mechanical platforms:

The Electro prototype has been in service for a number of years now and utilises Skylaunch mechanical components that have been tried and tested for decades. The design of the Skylaunch electric drive has turned out to be an all-round success and the prototype only required minor adjustments. This is due to the many years of experience and the comprehensive and in-depth system understanding of the international development team. The first Skylaunch electric winch was delivered to a customer in southern France who had commissioned this new development from Skylaunch. For them, buying an older design from another manufacturer was out of the question because of various poor practical experiences of its operators. The Skylaunch electric winch, on the other hand, has worked very well for them to date.

 The first SKYLAUNCH 3 with electric drive during testing:

Launching a Ka8 glider

Launching a K21 glider


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