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Skylaunch Special Purpose Winches

Skylaunch design and manufacture production or one-off winches for special applications.We offer configurations driven by mains or battery packs / UPS electricity, petrol, propane or diesel engines. Up to 750hp is available with single engine machines and the sky's the limit with multiple engines!
We can manufacture for civil or military projects to specifications required by the customer. We have developed systems for crash testing, cars, HGVS, PSVS, trailers and carriages as well as UAV launching systems, military targeting systems with variable speed control and Aerostat, Helikite and balloon winching applications with single or multiple cables / risers.

We have a very experienced design and development team which means we can work efficiently with both one off and high volume projects. Here are some of the projects we have been involved with over recent years:

  • Aviation
    • Glider launch and Retrieve systems      (See Glider Winches)
    • Aerosat winches
    • UAV launching
    • Aerial photography
  •  Film, Television and Special Effects
    • Technical support and winching solutions
    • SFX winches and cable systems
    • Manufacture of components for SFX projects
    • Cables and Pulleys for cable systems
    • Winching consultancy
  • Industrial
    • Crash testing winches - Cars, HGVs, PCVs, trailers & carriages
    • Tethered balloons
    • Advertising
    • Bore-hole winches
    • Testing equipment
  • Agricultural
    • Tractor mounted winches
    • Tethered balloons for advertising
    • Kites for bird scaring
  • Education authorities/universities
    • Research & development systems
    • Testing equipment
  • Marine
    • Oceanography
    • Long line winches etc
  • Military
    • Parachute training
    • UAV Launching
    • Aerostat winches
    • Testing equipment
    • Tethered balloon systems for parachute training
    • Tethered radio transmitters/antennae
    • Aerial photography
    • Mobile targetery systems
  • Science
    • Tethered ballons
    • Kites for meterological research
    • Testing equipment
    • Aerial photography
    • Polution monitoring
Please do not hesitate to contact us whether your project is listed above or not - If we can't come up with a solution for you we should be able to at least point you in the right direction. Click any of the pictures below for more information on these projects we have worked on.


Parachute training balloon winch


High speed/power



UAV Launching


High torque Aerostat

High Speed Winches

High power Helikite

Compact single drum


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