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International Supplier of Winches and Components for Gliding and Special Purposes

Welcome to Skylaunch - manufacturers of not only the world's most popular Glider/Sailplane winching systems but also manufacturers of a huge range of special purpose winches and equipment for a wide variety of uses. We have 25 years of experience in winch manufacturing and support with more than 150 winches supplied to Military and Civilian customers in over 40 Countries Worldwide.

We can manufacture to customers' own designs, can develop or update customer ideas or we are more than happy to develop all new systems. We have some very experienced design, development and field engineering staff and use the latest 3D CAD development systems to help reduce design and development time and cost. The list below covers some of the projects we have worked on over recent years which is by no means exhaustive. Please don't hesitate to
contact us to discuss your project or ideas.

  • Aviation
    • Glider launch and Retrieve systems      (See Glider Winches)
    • Aerosat winches
    • UAV launching
    • Aerial photography
  •  Film, Television and Special Effects
    • Technical support and winching solutions
    • SFX winches and cable systems
    • Manufacture of components for SFX projects
    • Cables and Pulleys for cable systems
    • Winching consultancy
  • Industrial
    • Crash testing winches - Cars, HGVs, PCVs, trailers & carriages
    • Tethered balloons
    • Advertising
    • Bore-hole winches
    • Testing equipment
  • Agricultural
    • Tractor mounted winches
    • Tethered balloons for advertising
    • Kites for bird scaring
  • Education authorities/universities
    • Research & development systems
    • Testing equipment
  • Marine
    • Oceanography
    • Long line winches etc
  • Military
    • UAV Launching
    • Aerostat winches
    • Testing equipment
    • Tethered balloon systems for parachute training
    • Tethered radio transmitters/antennae
    • Aerial photography
    • Mobile targetery systems
  • Science
    • Tethered ballons
    • Kites for meterological research
    • Testing equipment
    • Aerial photography

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